There is a place and a time when we met our first Marvel's comic.Fantasy never dies.

There is a place and a time when we met our first Marvel's comic.Fantasy  never dies.

giovedì 1 marzo 2018

Fear Itself Mechanized Infantry Weapon 2: Firelauncher Streets Maker

Firelauncher Streets Maker
The Firelauncher Streets Maker is part of Sin Mechanized Infantry paraphernalia, specially utilized after assault activities for land reclamation operations. It is equipped with a fire launcher connected to fuel tank of 500 liters capacity.
The movements are granted through compression of air from the two side air convectors; it is designed to accommodate only one soldier and its armor is about 30 millimeters thick.
Supplementary air module grants internal safe temperature and comfortable ambient even when working in extreme condition, that is hell all around!

Built from scratch, eventually you can recognize two Gilette Mach3 boxes laterally, the pomegranate juice bottle as main body, couple of broken pens, a toothbrush case and last but not least part of a headset microphone form a poor Chinese brand. Special mention for the soldier behind that glass from Pegaso Models 90mm.

Ruth Bat-Seraph Sabra. Noe Eaglemoss. Custom from Preiser Eva figure 1:22,5

Courtesy from comicvine
Ruth Bat-Seraph was born in Israel and is a member of the Israeli secret service known as Mossad. She later fought along side the X-men and joined the X-Corporation.
Ruth Bat-Seraph was born near the city of Jersualem, Isael. Ruth Bat-Seraph was recruited into Israel's Super-Soldier Program when her mutant powers first manifested, and, upon graduation onto the state-sponsored Israeli Super Agents squad, received the experimental cape and bracelets that she wears on most missions until now. Taking the codename Sabra, she eventually requested a domestic assignment upon the birth of her son and became an officer in the Israeli Police, Tel-Aviv District. Her son died at age 6 as the result of a terrorist bombing on his school bus, but Bat-Seraph remained on the civilian police until the arrival of the Hulk in Israel forced her to resume her activity as Sabra. Since then, she has participated in various overseas missions: protecting the Israeli Prime Minister at a secret New York peace summit, working closely with the X-Men to expose the robotic Bastion's infiltration into the Israeli intelligence system, and working with Union Jack (Joseph Chapman) and MI-5 to oppose a R.A.I.D. terrorist attack on Great Britain.



Impala (real name unknown) is female, and was apparently born in Zambia, Africa. She is a mercenary and professional criminal, but follows a strict honor code. A non-powered athlete and fighter, she carries various throwing weapons, particularly a set of extensible javelins. She was said to have previously battled members of the Supremacists, a team of superhumans based in South Africa.
Impala, with other female costumed criminals, was invited aboard Superia's cruise ship as part of her Femizons. There, she befriended fellow female supervillains Asp and Black Mamba. Impala helped Black Mamba battle Captain America and Paladin when they invaded the ship.
With Black Mamba, Impala later learned that fellow Femizon Snapdragon was responsible for the attempted murder of Diamondback. Impala helped Asp and Black Mamba battle Battleaxe, Steel Wind, and Golddigger at one of the "Bar With No Name" locations. Impala and her friends broke into a former Serpent Society headquarters, battled Sersi, and took an abandoned Serpent Saucer.
Impala was later seen among the various superhumans attending AIM's Weapons Exposition.
Base for custom: Presier Eva figure, scale 1:22,5


mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

Princess Mari is an adventurer and living legend within the Microverse. On the day Arcturus Rann, son of the revered Lord Dallan and Lady Sepsis Rann, returned home from his 1,000 year journey exploring the far reaches of the Microverse, Mari's parents, the acting king and queen, were slain by the true authority of Homeworld, the tyrant Baron Karza. Mari disguised herself as a puppet while fleeing to join the rebellion, and adopted the name Marionette. Joining Rann, the rogue Insectivorid, Bug, the mighty crown-prince of planet Spartak, Acroyear, and Rann's roboid, Biotron, Mari and her roboid, Microtron became the team called the Micronauts. Under Rann's leadership, they shared many adventures both in the Microverse and traveling across the Spacewall barrier to Earth. Marionette fell in love with Arcturus Rann. Marionette and the Micronauts team ultimately defeated Baron Karza, but not until the Baron enacted a complete genocide across all of Homeworld. Mari and the Micronauts ultimately sacrificed their lives becoming Prime Beings, seeding life across Homeworld and restoring the planet to its natural state. Through unrevealed means, Marionette, Rann, and Bug have been reborn, and continue to share adventures together as the Microns.


martedì 19 settembre 2017

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan (No Eaglemoss, Preiser figure height 80mm scale 1:22,5)

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Kamala Khan is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona, Khan is Marvel's first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. Khan made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #14 (August 2013) before going on to star in the solo series Ms. Marvel, which debuted in February 2014.
Within the Marvel Universe, Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey with shapeshifting abilities, who discovers that she has Inhuman genes in the aftermath of the "Inhumanity" storyline and assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel from her idol Carol Danvers after Danvers becomes Captain Marvel. Marvel's announcement that a Muslim character would headline a comic book was met with widespread reaction and the first volume of Ms. Marvel won the Hugo Award for best graphic story in 2015.

The charater was sculpted starting from Presier components from the Eva kit (see bleow). Parts in green milliput were added, and Vallejo provided colors). The character is 80mm and perfectly fits the CMFC scale. Hope you like her.

giovedì 27 luglio 2017

Isaac, Marvel Comics character scratch built no Eglemoss customs.

ISAAC is a complex and intelligent computer system which fills almost the entire interior of Saturn's moon, Titan. ISAAC controls Titan's artificial biosphere environment and all mechanical operations on Titan.
ISAAC observed a conflict between Mar-Vell, the Avengers, and Thanos.
Thanos later reprogrammed ISAAC with a virus prior to his death, to menace the Eternals of Titan. The computer enslaved the Titanian Eternals. ISAAC dispatched Stellarax and Lord Gaea, and then Elysius, and finally Chaos against Mar-Vell and Drax. Eros, Mentor, and Elyuis eliminated the virus in ISAAC's system, and Mar-Vell defeated Stellarax. The computer was then restored to its original benevolent programming.
Some time later, ISAAC took on an android form, and allied itself with Stellarax, Chaos, and Lord Gaea, in a renewed attempt to carry out Thanos's will. ISAAC then went mad when Mar-Vell forced it to experience the totality of life. ISAAC gave up its android form, and its minions were defeated.
ISAAC confers with Mentor when Drax and Quasar arrive on Titan to consult him, and questions Mentor as he apparently murders them.

martedì 25 luglio 2017

Inertia , no eaglemoss custom. Made by Preiser 1:22,5 model.

Courtesy of

Little is known about Inertia's life before she was discovered by Nighthawk and recruited into his Redeemers. Along with four other Redeemers (Haywire, Moonglow, Redstone, and Thermite) she infiltrated the Squadron Supreme and was elected to full membership. She served on the Squadron for a month before the Redeemers openly opposed the Squadron where she fought Power Princess and used Hyperion's strength to defeat her. The Squadron subsequently gave up their plans for the Utopia program and disbanded. Later, while the former Squadron members and the Redeemers banded together to dismantle the Utopia Program there was a disturbance in space. The Nth Man was threatening to destroy the Earth-712 dimension, and the former Squadron members and the Redeemers banded together to combat it. They got on a shuttle and went into space to fight it. In the ensuing battle Inertia was killed when she tried to invert the expansion of the Nth Man, and her body was vaporized.