There is a place and a time when we met our first Marvel's comic.Fantasy never dies.

There is a place and a time when we met our first Marvel's comic.Fantasy  never dies.

lunedì 14 maggio 2018

Magdalene (and Guillottine Sneak Preview)


Courtesy of:

Powers and AbilitiesMagdalene is superhumanly strong, and an accomplished fighter, especially with her staff. She is capable of holding her own against Hercules in a fight.
She usually fights with her staff, a powerful weapon which can project beams of destructive energy over a distance. Magdalene can also burn any enemy who grabs hold of it, causing even Hercules great pain. It can also project a protective force shield over the wearer.
FInally, it can open a gateway (called a Slash/Way) to distant locations, and even other dimensions.
Magdalene is a native of an alternative reality. Her Earth fell victim to the madness of its Sersi. She was saved by Proctor, who claimed his reality had also been a victim of his Sersi. Proctor recruited her into his Gatherers, to hunt down and stop the Sersi’s of other dimensions before they did the same to their worlds.
Some travellers to alternate realities have trouble physically adapting to a dimension where a version of them already exists. As a result, they can be left disoriented and weakened. Proctor discovered the “Gathering” ritual as a way around this. It involves locating the traveller’s counterpart and killing them.

Life by the sword
Magdalene began a relationship with Proctor. This ended when the Swordsman was rescued from an alternate reality, and Magdalene fell in love with him. Proctor kept them on as Gatherers, but harboured a grudge against the pair.
The Swordsman of Earth-616  was long dead, and so the Swordsman could not be properly Gathered. He was left disoriented a lot of the time. Magdalene stuck close by his side, caring for him.
Proctor sent Magdalene and the Swordsman to attack the Avengers, whom the Swordsman blamed for abandoning him to die. But his disorientation worked against them, and they were forced to flee.
Shortly after Proctor discovered Magdalene’s counterpart on Earth-616, Marissa Darrow. Thus, he performed the Gathering on Magdalene.
Black cats
On another gathering trip, they Gatherers recovered the Coal Tiger. He was grievously wounded when they found him. As a result, he needed Gathering quickly to have a chance of surviving in the new dimension. Sensing that his counterpart was also an Avenger in this dimension, Proctor sent the Gatherers to Avengers mansion to access their computers.
The Gatherers had already infiltrated the Avengers mansion twice, undetected. But the Avengers had detected anomalies, and were prepared for them on this occasion. They fought briefly, but Cassandra managed to subdue the Avengers. The Gatherers escaped with the information about their new member’s counterpart, the Black Panther.
They travelled to Wakanda. But the Avengers had warned T’Challa about them. As the Gatherers attacked him, some of the recovered Avengers came in, transported by Lockjaw. While the battle raged, the Black Panther was subdued by the Gatherers, and Cassandra attempted to Gather him.
However, the ritual was disrupted, however, by the Coal Tiger. He refused to let another die in his place. He soon died, and the Gatherers fled. But the Swordsman was captured before he could get away.
Alternate Vision modes
Concerned for his well-being, Magdalene begged Proctor to let them rescue him. Proctor sent them to Gather the Vision from Swordsman’s dimension. Proctor said that he would send to rescue the Swordsman. When they returned with him, Proctor released Tabula, whom he sent with the other Gatherers to capture Earth-616’s Vision.
After swapping the minds of the two Visions, Proctor sent his Vision to infiltrate the Avengers. He also gave secret orders to execute the Swordsman, and keep the other Vision captive.
The Gatherers’ Vision failed in his attempt to kill the Swordsman, although he did seriously wound him. The Gatherer’s Vision was captured, and led the Avengers to Proctor’s citadel in the Andes. The Avengers stormed the citadel and battled the Gatherers, freeing their Vision.
When the other Vision revealed he had failed the mission Proctor had given him to kill the Swordsman, Magdalene turned against Proctor. She also killed the Gatherers’ Vision.
Proctor revealed to the Avengers that he was a previous Gann Josin of Sersi. He said that her increasing madness would be a threat to the world if she was allowed to live. Then Proctor activated the self-destruct mechanisms of his citadel, teleporting himself and Ute away, abandoning the Avengers and his Gatherers to the citadel’s destruction.
Avengers, assemble !
After surviving the citadels destruction, Magdalene surrendered to the Avengers. She was desperate to see the Swordsman. But before they could leave the area, the Avengers were attacked by Kree Sentries. Magdalene helped the team fight them.
While the Swordsman was recovering, Magdalene stayed constantly at his bedside. One exception was aiding the Avengers when the Kree Lethal Legion threatened to destroy Earth. When Philip emerged from his coma, they continued to stay with the Avengers for a while, even going on missions with them.
Then Magdalene again came into conflict with the Lethal Legion, while on a team investigating the loss of an Avengers tracking station.
They moved out of Avengers mansion when Tony Stark lent them a place to stay. But the couple still maintained contact with the Avengers, helping them in battle. When the Avengers disappeared during the Onslaught affair, they became more active, helping to fill the void left by the group’s absence.
Shortly after the heroes returned, they were attacked, as were all former Avengers, by mythological creatures. They answered a call to a gathering of all former Avengers. The couple was part of the team sent to recover a Norn Stone from the South Pacific, where they battled the Midgard Serpent.

La Fée Morgane
The whole scenario had been a trap by Morgan le Fay. She captured the Scarlet Witch, and used her power to alter the world into a more medieval setting.
There, the Avengers were changed into the Queen’s Vengeance, her personal army. In this world Magdalene was Lady Magdalena. The Avengers were eventually freed of Morgan’s control, and restored the world to its normal state.
Shortly after, with the Avengers reformed, Magdalene and the Swordsman were offered reserve member status. But they declined, still feeling out of place in the world.
Later, Iron Man and Magdalene managed to restore her lance’s power to travel dimensions. The goal was to allow the Squadron Supreme to return to their own world. Magdalene and Swordsman decided to leave Earth-616 too, to try and find somewhere in the multiverse they could belong.
Proud and aggressive, Magdalene will never back down from a fight if she believes she’s right.
She can be blunt in making her thoughts known. She is trusting and completely loyal to her team mates, but can be a relentless foe, especially if her trust is broken. She is extremely protective of the Swordsman.

Made from a Presier kit called Eva Base Figures, she is 1:22,5 scale, 84mm,  while all extra parts are built in green milliput and painted Vallejo. Quite a unknown character isn't she? ;)

And now gentlemen... have a sneak preview of next comer Guillottine... She's almost done; after her, I shall issue my last charcter (Miek) and stop the collection. Finally.... :)

mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

Fear Itself Mechanized Infantry Weapon 3: wall crusher

Mechanized Infantry Weapon 3 (aka The Wall Crusher) is a weapon used by Sin during Fear Itself event.

This custom has been realized with pieces from 1 PlayStation 3 borken controller (arms), 1 headphone set (arms), 1 aquarium vaccum cleaner sump (hands and head) and a couple of plastic plugs of printer ink packages (legs)

giovedì 1 marzo 2018

Fear Itself Mechanized Infantry Weapon 2: Firelauncher Streets Maker

Firelauncher Streets Maker
The Firelauncher Streets Maker is part of Sin Mechanized Infantry paraphernalia, specially utilized after assault activities for land reclamation operations. It is equipped with a fire launcher connected to fuel tank of 500 liters capacity.
The movements are granted through compression of air from the two side air convectors; it is designed to accommodate only one soldier and its armor is about 30 millimeters thick.
Supplementary air module grants internal safe temperature and comfortable ambient even when working in extreme condition, that is hell all around!

Built from scratch, eventually you can recognize two Gilette Mach3 boxes laterally, the pomegranate juice bottle as main body, couple of broken pens, a toothbrush case and last but not least part of a headset microphone form a poor Chinese brand. Special mention for the soldier behind that glass from Pegaso Models 90mm.

Ruth Bat-Seraph Sabra. Noe Eaglemoss. Custom from Preiser Eva figure 1:22,5

Courtesy from comicvine
Ruth Bat-Seraph was born in Israel and is a member of the Israeli secret service known as Mossad. She later fought along side the X-men and joined the X-Corporation.
Ruth Bat-Seraph was born near the city of Jersualem, Isael. Ruth Bat-Seraph was recruited into Israel's Super-Soldier Program when her mutant powers first manifested, and, upon graduation onto the state-sponsored Israeli Super Agents squad, received the experimental cape and bracelets that she wears on most missions until now. Taking the codename Sabra, she eventually requested a domestic assignment upon the birth of her son and became an officer in the Israeli Police, Tel-Aviv District. Her son died at age 6 as the result of a terrorist bombing on his school bus, but Bat-Seraph remained on the civilian police until the arrival of the Hulk in Israel forced her to resume her activity as Sabra. Since then, she has participated in various overseas missions: protecting the Israeli Prime Minister at a secret New York peace summit, working closely with the X-Men to expose the robotic Bastion's infiltration into the Israeli intelligence system, and working with Union Jack (Joseph Chapman) and MI-5 to oppose a R.A.I.D. terrorist attack on Great Britain.



Impala (real name unknown) is female, and was apparently born in Zambia, Africa. She is a mercenary and professional criminal, but follows a strict honor code. A non-powered athlete and fighter, she carries various throwing weapons, particularly a set of extensible javelins. She was said to have previously battled members of the Supremacists, a team of superhumans based in South Africa.
Impala, with other female costumed criminals, was invited aboard Superia's cruise ship as part of her Femizons. There, she befriended fellow female supervillains Asp and Black Mamba. Impala helped Black Mamba battle Captain America and Paladin when they invaded the ship.
With Black Mamba, Impala later learned that fellow Femizon Snapdragon was responsible for the attempted murder of Diamondback. Impala helped Asp and Black Mamba battle Battleaxe, Steel Wind, and Golddigger at one of the "Bar With No Name" locations. Impala and her friends broke into a former Serpent Society headquarters, battled Sersi, and took an abandoned Serpent Saucer.
Impala was later seen among the various superhumans attending AIM's Weapons Exposition.
Base for custom: Presier Eva figure, scale 1:22,5


mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

Princess Mari is an adventurer and living legend within the Microverse. On the day Arcturus Rann, son of the revered Lord Dallan and Lady Sepsis Rann, returned home from his 1,000 year journey exploring the far reaches of the Microverse, Mari's parents, the acting king and queen, were slain by the true authority of Homeworld, the tyrant Baron Karza. Mari disguised herself as a puppet while fleeing to join the rebellion, and adopted the name Marionette. Joining Rann, the rogue Insectivorid, Bug, the mighty crown-prince of planet Spartak, Acroyear, and Rann's roboid, Biotron, Mari and her roboid, Microtron became the team called the Micronauts. Under Rann's leadership, they shared many adventures both in the Microverse and traveling across the Spacewall barrier to Earth. Marionette fell in love with Arcturus Rann. Marionette and the Micronauts team ultimately defeated Baron Karza, but not until the Baron enacted a complete genocide across all of Homeworld. Mari and the Micronauts ultimately sacrificed their lives becoming Prime Beings, seeding life across Homeworld and restoring the planet to its natural state. Through unrevealed means, Marionette, Rann, and Bug have been reborn, and continue to share adventures together as the Microns.


martedì 19 settembre 2017

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan (No Eaglemoss, Preiser figure height 80mm scale 1:22,5)

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Kamala Khan is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona, Khan is Marvel's first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. Khan made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #14 (August 2013) before going on to star in the solo series Ms. Marvel, which debuted in February 2014.
Within the Marvel Universe, Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey with shapeshifting abilities, who discovers that she has Inhuman genes in the aftermath of the "Inhumanity" storyline and assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel from her idol Carol Danvers after Danvers becomes Captain Marvel. Marvel's announcement that a Muslim character would headline a comic book was met with widespread reaction and the first volume of Ms. Marvel won the Hugo Award for best graphic story in 2015.

The charater was sculpted starting from Presier components from the Eva kit (see bleow). Parts in green milliput were added, and Vallejo provided colors). The character is 80mm and perfectly fits the CMFC scale. Hope you like her.